Digit Concept Semiconductor Package Decapsulation
Chemical, Laser
 Ultratec USA Semiconductor Package (backside opening)
Advanced Sample Preparation Equipment: grinding, polishing, lapping and sawing
Nordson MARCH is the global leader in advanced plasma machine technology for Multiple Manufacturing Industries
 ATV Vacuum, Gas and Plasma Programmable Process Ovens 
(temperature up to  1100ºC), RTP, Reflow Soldering
 Telemark eBeam power supplies, controllers and guns, magnetic fluid feedthrus, quartz crystal deposition controllers.
Evaporation, water vapor, cryotraps.
Optical instrumentation.  

 Beneq Monolayer Deposition Equipment
ALD Atomic Layer Deposition   
 SonoTek Ultrasonic Precision Spray Coating Systems
DC gerenators, RF generators, Induction heating
 Si-Tech Materials and Substrates for the Electronics Industry  
 Ioni Tech Nitriding Systems
 Inter Test Centrifuges, Gross/Fine Leak Pressurization Systems for
Reliability Testing of Electronic Packaging
Evaporation Materials and Sputtering Targets
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