TRUMPF Hüttinger is part of the TRUMPF Group. The high-technology company TRUMPF provides manufacturing solutions in t
he fields of machine tools, lasers and electronics. These are used in the manufacture of the most diverse products, from vehicles,
building technology and mobile devices to state-of-theart power and data storage. As an independent family business,
we think and act long-term. Our drive to shape the future makes us a guarantor of continuous innovation. 


  • DC Generators
        This technology offers one of the most economical solutions. DC generators
        are used for both single cathode and dual cathodes sputtering.
        Also for biasing substrates.


  • RF Generators

        RF generators, with their very high output stability, are used in manufacturing the tiniest of devices,
        such as semiconductors and micro components. Many critical processes can only be successfully
        performed with RF solutions.

  • Induction Heating

        Induction heating is the solution for demanding heat treatment. It heats objects without touching them
        and can be easily automated. Since it acts directly in the material to be heated, it is the most efficient of
        all heating processes. In addition, the user has extreme flexibility with regard to temperature selection.
        The range of temperatures is almost limitless.


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