DIGIT CONCEPT supplies tools for semiconductor Failure Analysis.

DIGIT CONCEPT is the best at understanding the actual needs for today’s decapsulations of IC packages include the 4 ways of decapsulation.

       ACID decapsulation
 LASER decapsulation

      PLASMA decapsulation

      Mechanical decapsulation

DIGIT CONCEPT has 7 expertise centers around the world READY to help you assist you and develop the suitable solution for your needs.

  ACID Decapsulation  

 Unique Automated Mixed Acid Decapsulator.

 This Decapsulator rapidly and easily opens even the most delicate packages by delivering precise,
 micro-aliquots of nitric, sulfuric, or acid mixes to the package with no sample damage.

 The specially designed acid heat exchanger can accurately control acid temperature down to 10°C therefore it supports copper wire bonding for IC.

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  LASER Decapsulation

 A whole range of laser ablation systems dedicated to decapsulation and cross-sectioning. Digit Concept offers a variety of wavelengths for your applications.

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 PLASMA Decapsulation

 PLASER offers final decapsulation for precavitated plastic IC packages of most types and sizes. Proven to work with copper  and other technologies, PLASER allows final 'dry' decapsulation, down to the die surface, without the use of acid.

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  MECHANICAL Decapsulation

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